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Its planting time

So it has been a few weeks since our last blog, and it has been a busy time. We plotted the field and hand planted a majority of the field and machine planted the back half.

Wednesday July 8th we planted the first field of Matterhorn CBG seeds. planted approximately 800 seeds by hand in about 5 hours. It was a hot day of 95 degrees with little to no shade from the sun. All of us were tired, dirty and hot.

Then we returned back to it Friday July 10th to plant the next set of seeds, this time the Merlot CBD seeds. This day was much cooler and we had figured out the fastest way to run the rows and plant. This time it only took us about 4 hours.

Saturday July 11th was A LOT easier! With the delivery of our Merlot seedlings and the rental of a planter made the day go faster. We planted about 1100 seedlings and more seeds.

Tuesday July 14th the first block of Matterhorn CBG seeds started sprouting! It happened a lot faster than we thought it would of. Since the rest of the seeds have sprouted and are looking good.

I walked the fields yesterday seeing what has popped and what hasn't. I am guessing that about 90-95% of the seeds have sprouted if not more. Now is the exciting time of watching them grow and see how they do with their growing conditions.

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