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Poly what??? A MAJOR science lesson

Not only was this a year of learning how best to grow hemp, but it also became a HUGE science lesson. There is more to growing hemp than just throwing some seeds (or seedlings or clones) in the ground and let nature do the rest. The plants need more from the soil than just a place to put down roots. They need nutrients and minerals in order to grow to the best of their ability. If the plant doesn't have what it needs it will not grow to its full potential and a bountiful harvest.

So a cannabis polyploid is a chromosome-related variation of a normal cannabis plant. To understand how this happens we need to look at the chromosomes, DNA makeup, and genetic material. This happens when a cell or nucleus contains more than two homologous sets of chromosomes. They are notably distinguishable by its darker, thicker foliage (pictured below). Polyploids are valuable for their genetic diversity, but they are unpredictable, usually unstable in the first generation and tend to be sterile and must be propagated by cloning to be useful for subsequent breeding.

But to me they are beautiful freaks of nature and reminds me of caterpillars.

Thanks for reading!

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